Sunny’s Super Cream 1500mg – 1.5oz

  • Recovering from daily aching body pains can be difficult
  • Suncanna’s CBD Pain Cream can help give your body the break it needs
  • Our pain relief cream is infused with 1000mg of CBD Isolate
  • People have described it as “Jesus in a jar” for its effectiveness in relieving pain
  • Contains menthol

Everyone knows how hard it can be to recover from those daily aching body pains, but with the help of Suncanna’s CBD Pain Cream, you can finally give your body the break it needs. We’re offering you what people really say is “Jesus in a jar.” Our amazing pain relief cream is infused with 1000mg of body-boosting CBD.

Can CBD cream get me high?

Cannabis-infused lotion does not produce psychoactive effects, it’s safe to use for relief from pain, soreness, etc. without getting high. It can be used safely without any concern for impairment.

Benefits of CBD cream

CBD is a compound found in cannabis and hemp that also naturally occurs in the body. It interacts with receptors in the brain to regulate sleep, pain, appetite, and immunity. CBD can reduce inflammation, provide relief, treat nausea, and prevent seizures, and help with addiction.

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