Delta 8 Pre-roll (1g)

  • Delta-8-THC Pre-Rolls made with premium Evergreen OG strain
  • Infused with Delta-8-THC
  • Each pre-roll contains 1 gram of high-quality US grown hemp
  • Smooth and satisfying smoke

Experience our Delta-8-THC Evergreen OG Pre-Rolls! These pre-rolls are made with the premium Evergreen OG strain, that’s been infused with Delta-8-THC, a unique cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant that can have psychoactive effects similar to Delta-9-THC. Each pre-roll contains 1 gram of high-quality US-grown hemp, delivering a smooth and satisfying smoke. Upgrade your smoking routine with the best of the best and try our Delta-8-THC Evergreen OG Pre-Rolls today.


Evergreen OG


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