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JUST CBD Hot Chocolate Changed My Bedtime Routine

Working from home changed millions of Americans and their bedtime routine, and CBD Hot Chocolate can help. From endless to-do lists to flexible wake up schedules, this irregularity resulted in less-than-great shut-eye. Americans turned to anything they could. American consumers spent $825,559,397 on melatonin supplements in 2020, representing a 42.6% year-over-year increase, according to a recent sales and consumer study by Nielsen. With so many unhealthy options, it may be difficult to find the right product.

CBD Hot Chocolate Changed Alex’s Life

“After hauling it to my local bookstore to stock up on some bedtime reads, the next step was getting some kind of soothing, sleep-time ritual in order. I was stumped… until I was introduced to JUST CBD – Hot Chocolate Crystals. The hot chocolate blend of sleep-boosting nano CBD, vitamins, and minerals just has to be mixed in with water or your milk of choice—and boom: You’ve got an adult, de-stressing twist on everyone’s favorite chocolatey beverage with no added sugar,” Alex Taylor, May 27, 2021.

Alex Taylor isn’t alone. The Washington Post stated that Americans eat an average of $24 billion worth of Chocolate every year which peaked in 2020 due to COVID. Amongst America’s money heavy chocolate industry, Alex asked, why not add this cocoa CBD drink into her bedtime routine to see if my go-to flavor can also send me straight to snooze-town?

“For my first night, I grabbed my go-to mug with warm almond milk, added one crystal of JUST CBD Hot Chocolate, and blended it all together with my frother,” says Alex. After my first few chocolatey, creamy sips, I instantly started making an extra cup for my boyfriend. It was sweet but not overly so, and we haven’t even gotten to the wellness perks yet.”

If you would like to experience sleep, just like Alex, try our coconut oil special blended Dutch cocoa, with the right amount of CBD. Together, they make a calming, wind-down powerhouse every American needs. Hot cocoa for adults is here. Click Here to Purchase

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